Study in Bitlis Eren University

Study in Bitlis Eren University

There are many things that students take into consideration before deciding the university that they will study. Here are the things that you need to know if Bitlis Eren University is in your list. At Bitlis Eren University in short BEU, student-oriented education is provided in a democratic environment with all kinds of infrastructure completed, modern technological facilities. Students find the opportunity to express themselves by taking part in social and cultural activities with a participatory understanding in international criteria. The leading scientists and artists of our country, whose number is almost 500, are working as lecturers in BEU. All faculty members work devotedly to transfer their knowledge and experience to students. All units of BEU have the technical equipment required by modern higher education. All laboratories, workshops and studios in the units are equipped with the most advanced equipment; All kinds of tools and materials required for implementation were provided in the training. Also, The people of Bitlis are helpful and friendly to university students.

The Main Campus:

Bitlis Eren University, located in the city center of Bitlis, is a state university that was opened on 28 May 2007. There are 3 faculties, 3 colleges and 7 vocational colleges within the university. Approximately 7 thousand students receive education here. There are various clubs and student societies at the university. Generally, trainings related to folk dances and winter sports are given. Around the university, there are cafes and restaurants, aperitifs, game halls, which many students prefer and spend time with.


Bitlis Eren University is located approximately 10 km from Bitlis city center. To reach here, you can easily reach there with the shuttles departing from the city center.


There are different types of options are available in terms of accommadation. Bitlis Eren University accommodation services are provided by the state dormitory (kyk) dormitories. Also, You can rent a student house in the city center or stay in places that serve as Bitlis student hostel.

Prep. School:

Bitlis Eren University provides English preparatory education in almost all of its units in terms of the importance of foreign language knowledge in training future managers. While preparing students for tomorrow, it is aimed to train them as individuals who are equipped with modern knowledge, know the world, and know at least one foreign language.Foreign Language Department aims to regulate the procedures and principles to be applied in the education and examinations to be carried out in the compulsory and optional foreign language preparatory classes of Bitlis Eren University and the principles and procedures to be applied in the education and examinations of common compulsory foreign language courses.

The Library:

All kinds of information that students of Bitlis Eren University, academic and administrative staff  need and present them to users in the best way. Many different types of books are available in the library that students can use. The book collection has been completely transferred to the computer environment. So, students can also can benefits from the books on the digital area, as well. It is also possible to access the library system from outside the campus.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.beu.edu.tr/

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