Study in Bingol University

Study in Bingol University

There are so many criterias that are need to take into consideration while prefering the university that you will study.  Not only education but also social life is important for a university student. The things that university offers to the students are quite significant. If you are wondering about how the university life in Bingol, then you should read this article to get an idea about study in Bingol University. Bingol University is located on the Bingol-Erzurum road. The Practice Hotel and Thermal Facilities are a source of healing for visitors. The university was selected as a pilot university in two important fields in 2017 and 2018. It was selected as a pilot university in the field of Agriculture and Basin Based Development within the scope of the “Regional Development Focused Mission Differentiation and Specialization” Project, financed by the Ministry of Development in 2017 and organized by the Higher Education Institution, and in 2018 within the scope of the “Digital Transformation” studies in Higher Education.

The Main Campus:

Bingol University Campus

In Bingol University Central Campus, there is a modern library open to the service of students for 24 hours, a sports complex where they can participate in sports activities outside the classroom, football and basketball areas and an indoor sports hall. There is a Congress Center that can host scientific and artistic events such as symposiums, panels, workshops, concerts and exhibitions.


There are many options in terms of accommodation for those studying at Bingol University. There are state and private dormitories that students can choose from. in the state dormitory; There are service places such as restaurants, canteens and cafeterias for students to have a healthy, balanced and inexpensive diet. The price of the meals is at least 35% of the market price, and the quality of the kitchen, warehouse, tools and equipment used and their compliance with hygiene conditions are constantly checked by dieticians or dormitory managers. Meals are served as a la carte or table d’hôte.


The city  is a crossroads of the roads connecting Eastern Anatolia to the west. Bingol University is located on Aydinlik Caddesi, in the Selahaddin-i Eyyubi District of Bingol city center. You can easily reach here with the shuttle services departing from the city center.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.bingol.edu.tr/tr

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