Study in Bayburt University

Study in Bayburt University

According to available sources, the history of Bayburt City is goes back to 3000 B.C. If you want to learn more about Bayburt University, you can find the details about the university life  in this article. Bayburt University aims to be a preferred university that is focused on success and contributes to the society in every sense with its quality education, service production oriented to knowledge and skills, and entrepreneurial individuals with scientific ethics and values.

Although there is no active nightlife in Bayburt, there are cafes where you can chat with your friends. Bayburt, which has important historical buildings and natural beauties, has become a frequent destination for many water sports – rafting every year thanks to the Çoruh River. Bayburt is one of the most beautiful cities of Anatolia with its untouched natural beauties as well as its historical beauties.

The Main Campus:

Bayburt University located in Bayburt city center. There are 4 faculties, 21 vocational schools and 4 health services vocational schools within the university. Approximately 11 thousand students receive education here. In order to reach the main campus, shuttles departing from the city center can be arranged.


Dormitories are the most important places for students to stay in Bayburt. There are also private dormitories affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, especially the dormitories of the Credit and Dormitories Institution. As the number of students increases, the city develops itself according to the new situation and new dormitories are opened every year with private initiative. In addition, the rapidly rising houses, especially “TOKI” projects, offer economical solutions to the accommodation needs of students. On the other hand, the state dormitory of 750 people, whose construction started next to the new campus of Bayburt University, is planned to be put into service in a short time.


Municipal buses, minibuses and minibuses in the city center serve as public transportation vehicles to Bayburt University. In addition to these, taxis are also used in urban transportation. Minibuses are widely used between the hospital, college and bus terminal in Bayburt city center. It is easy to reach the surrounding towns by minibuses from the city center.

Prep. School:

Department of Foreign Languages is a department under the Rectorate in Bayburt University. The Department of Foreign Languages aims to help students acquire and improve their reading and listening skills in foreign languages as well as their oral and written communication skills. In order to achieve this goal, another mission of the Department of Foreign Languages at Bayburt University is to create an educational environment in which the most up-to-date approaches, most effective methods, techniques and equipment are used in foreign language teaching, and that allows the professional development of teachers and the social development of students.

The Library:

The libray is located in the main campus of Bayburt University. It is aimed that all kinds of information that students of the university, academic and administrative staff  need and present them to users in the best way.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.bayburt.edu.tr/

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