Study in Bartin University

Study in Bartin University

Bartin is located in the Western Black Sea Region with its 59 km long coastline. It is neighbors with Kastamonu, Karabuk and Zonguldak. If you think to study in Bartin University, here are the things that you need to know. The city can be considered economical in general. Prices vary depending on where you eat. But if you want to spend time in cafes, it can be considered quite suitable. There are not many stores in the city in terms of shopping, so it is a bit more expensive than other cities. Bartin is one of Turkey’s major and emerging cities in terms of  its deep-rooted history, touristic value, natural beauty. With its national parks, waterfalls, sea, endless forests, century-old plane trees, narrow streets surrounded by wooden houses, it is the center of attention of many local and foreign tourists every year. Bartin University was established on 22 May 2008. Bartin University has two campuses; Agdaci Campus (the main campus) and Kutlubeyyazicilar Campus.

Ağdacı Campus (the main campus):

Agdaci Campus is the main campus of Bartin Universtiy. The main campus of the university is in Bartin province located in the Western Black Sea. The distance between the city center and the main campus is 5 km. Within the university; It includes the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Forestry and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.


There are many dormitories and hostels specially for students. You will not have a shortage of places to stay. Student dormitories are well-equipped and serve students at very affordable prices.


Since the city is small, the furthest distance is 20 minutes. Bartin University’s central campus is located in Ağdacı. Our campus is 5 km from the center of Bartın. Transportation is provided by municipal buses and minibuses.

Prep. School:

School of Foreign Languages; It conducts the compulsory foreign language courses jointly with the Foreign Language Preparatory Education of the Faculties and Schools of the students who enroll in the departments of faculties and colleges affiliated to Bartin University with the Preparatory Class and do not take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam held at the university. at the beginning of the academic year or failing. The School of Foreign Languages aims to be able to use appropriate words and structures effectively while speaking and writing foreign languages, thus establishing effective communication. In addition, it aims to be able to understand and participate in foreign language conversations in and out of the classroom on subjects related to their personal interests, and to explain their personal feelings, thoughts and experiences in detail.

The Library:

After the establishment of Bartin University, the Library and Documentation Department was established and started its work. In 2009, 3645 books belonging to Faculty of Forestry and Bartin Vocational School were taken over and the work started. The necessary infrastructure work has been completed for university academicians and students to easily access the information they need. The goal of the Library and Documentation Department, is to contribute to the training of academic staff and students who are contemporary, researcher, respectful of human rights, honest, have moral values, believe in science and analytical thinking, and have institutional trust, awareness and culture.

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University Website: https://w3.bartin.edu.tr/

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