Study in Balikesir University

Study in Balikesir University

Balikesir University is one of the distinguished universities that provide many opportunities to its students. If you are wondering about the university life in Balikesir, you can find the information that you are looking for, in this article. Although a large part of Balıkesir province is located in Southern Marmara, it has lands in both Marmara and Aegean Regions. The population of Balıkesir, which has 20 districts and has metropolitan status, has been 1,228,620 as of 2019. Balikesir, which has been established in lands that have the characteristics of a transition zone throughout history, is a residential area with two separate seaside. Trade and tourism occupy a privileged place in the economy of the province. Balikesir draws attention with its natural, archaeological, historical and cultural beauties; It carries the identity of a safe, peaceful and student-friendly modern city.

Cagis Campus (The Main Campus):

Balikesir University Campus

The Main Campus of  Balikesir University is 17 km away from the city center on the Bigadic road. There are many social, cultural and sports facilities at the main campus of Balikesir University where students can spend their time. Student societies have also been established in order to ensure active participation of students in the activities organized at Balikesir University, where many activities are organized in order to contribute to the students’ time outside the classroom, recreation, entertainment and social development. These communities carry out their activities throughout the year under the supervision of academic advisors; It shares its works with activities such as exhibitions, concerts, shows, festivals, concerts, conferences and competitions. Balikesir University has adopted the principle of making use of information technologies at the highest level in order to get the best efficiency in education and training. Internet service is offered at a speed of 150 mbps at Cagis Campus.


Balikesir University and Balikesir province offer very different alternatives to their students in terms of accommodation facilities. There are many private student dormitories, rental houses and dormitories for students in the districts in Balikesir. There are many private dormitories for girls and boys at Balikesir University. Among these dormitories, there are many student dormitories and student aparts suitable for your criteria and budget.


Municipal buses and minubuses are available for transportation in the city. You can reach the city center (Eski Otogar) by using the municipal buses. After getting off the bus in the city center, it is possible to reach the faculty by using the campus minibuses.

Prep. School:

The School of Foreign Languages conducts foreign language courses in all faculties and schools affiliated to the university and foreign language education in foreign language preparatory classes.

The Library:

Balikesir University Main Library provides and compiles the printed and electronic information resources required to support the education and training activities of students and staff, and presents them to its users with advanced research facilities. In addition to the Central Library located in Cagis Campus, the unit libraries of Bandirma FEAS and Necatibey Faculty of Education also serve. Barrier-free library services are carried out with the barrier-free unit in the Central Library.

Get Direction

University Website: http://www.balikesir.edu.tr

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