Study in Ataturk University

Study in Ataturk University

Ataturk University is among the most well-known universities of Turkey. It is located in Erzurum. Erzurum is a big and developed city. If you are wondering about how the university life in Erzurum and what the university offers to its students, read this article and get an idea about Ataturk University in short ATAUNI and the university life in ATAUNI. The history of the Ataturk University, is the story of one of the most important projects realized in Turkey. The university was founded in Erzurum in 1957. It is the seventh oldest university of Turkey. ATAUNI has the second largest campus of Turkey. The university hospital in its center plays an important health center role for all Eastern Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea Region.

The Main Campus:

Ataturk University Campus

The main campus is one of the most beautiful campuses of Turkey. Ataturk University campus is the second largest campus of Turkey and it attracts attention as an ideal living space, especially with its abundant green space and landscape representing contemporary urban aesthetics. In the campus, which attracts attention with its decent and peaceful climate, a population mobility of 50 thousand people per day is experienced. There are also shopping malls, bank branches, cafes, playgrounds, movie theaters and sports halls where all kinds of daily life needs can be met, as well as walking areas and a bicycle path covering the entire campus.


Ataturk University, is one of the educational institutions that meet the accommodation needs of students in Turkey. Within the campus, there are state dormitories that can accommodate more than 11 thousand students, with healthy, comfortable and comfortable living spaces as well as suitable study spaces. The rooms in the dormitories are divided into 3 different types as private, semi-private and general. All rooms have a bed, wardrobe, desk, bookcase and shoe rack for each student. There are refrigerators, central TV broadcasting, internet network access and free laundries in the dormitories. There is a fingerprint security scanning system in the dormitories. In addition, there are many private dormitories, apartments and guesthouses belonging to government institutions in the city.


Both public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and many public buses and minibuses provide transportation between Erzurum city center and Ataturk University campus. A ring service is available for transportation within the campus.

Prep. School:

At the School of Foreign Languages of Ataturk University, undergraduate and graduate level services are provided regarding compulsory courses, including foreign language courses.

The Library:

University Library

The Main Library offers a study area and information service to approximately 600 users at the same time with 6 information resources halls, 1 study hall and 1 internet room on an area of 7350 m². Users can use more than 200,000 printed books, around 195,000 e-books, about 13,000 theses made at the university and 45 databases. The purpose of the establishment of the library is to support the education and research activities within the university and then the realization of research activities outside the university and to provide qualified information resources to its users.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.atauni.edu.tr

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