Study in Ardahan University

Study in Ardahan University

ardahan-universityThe university life holds an important place in every student’s life. If you are wondering about how the university life in Ardahan, then you should read this article to get an idea about study in Ardahan University (ARU for short). Ardahan University was founded on May 22, 2008 and took the first step towards becoming a universal university. In pursuit of science and knowledge, it continues its path by developing day by day in order to shed light on the problems of the region and the country as well as the problems of the international community by searching, learning, producing and sharing information. ARU keeps university life away from stagnation by operating in many social, cultural and sports fields. Ardahan University also brings a great vitality to the region with social, cultural and sports activities. Concerts with local and foreign artists every month, social responsibility projects prepared by student clubs, events organized by associations, folk dances and various courses add color to university life.

Yenisey Campus ( the main campus):

The Main Campus of Ardahan University is located  3.5 kilometers away from the city center. The main campus is surrounded by forests on three sides, with abundant water resources and a solid ground. The campus sets an amazing example in terms of using the state’s resources. The Main Campus rises to the forefront with its architectural and engineering opportunities.


Since the city is small, accommodation may be a problem for Ardahan University students. The number of Private Dormitories for students who cannot stay in state dormitories is very low. Apart from Ardahan Private Girls’ and Boys’ Dormitories, “student house rental” or accommodation will be provided in student apartments. If you want to rent a student house, the prices vary according to Ardahan Center and the district. As an alternative to student dormitories, you can rent Ardahan Girls Apartments or Ardahan Boys Student Apartments. Each student can choose accommodation in places that suit their own conditions.


The city center of Ardahan is small, so transportation from city center to the campus is so simple.  Ardahan University Yenisey Campus is 5 km away from the city. Transportation is provided by buses, minibuses and taxis.

Prep. School:

Preparatory class trainings at Ardahan University are given in the School of Foreign Languages. The School of Foreign Languages is located in the main campus. Compulsory foreign language courses are given by the academic staff of the university.

The Library:

Many different types of books are available in the library that students can use. The book collection has been completely transferred to the computer environment. So, students can also can benefits from the books on the digital area, as well. It is also possible to access the library system from outside the campus. With the library system, the university aims to be a rapidly developing and growing information center that uses all kinds of scientific and technological opportunities and meets the needs of researchers with all kinds of printed, visual, audio and electronic information resources.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.ardahan.edu.tr/

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