Study in Anadolu University

Study in Anadolu University

Anadolu University(in short ANAU) is located in Eskisehir. Eskisehir is one of the most suitable cities for an amazing university life. Because of that, Anadolu University is among the most preffered universities in Turkey. Read this article if you are wondering why it is among the most preffered universities. Eskisehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, founded in 1958, forms the basis of ANAU. This institution was transformed into Anadolu University in 1982. ANAU is among the most preferred universities with the opportunities that offered to students.

Eskisehir is a city which is designed entirely for students. It is a completely student-friendly city with residential settlements, parks, social activity areas, cafes and entertainment centers. There are 2 large campuses within Anadolu University; Yunus Emre Campus ( the main campus) and 2 Eylul Campus.

Yunus Emre Campus (Main Campus):

Anadolu University Campus

Yunus Emre Campus is located in Tepebasi district. The main campus offers many facilities for its students. Anadolu University provides lunch and dinner services to students. Meals are prepared in hygienic environments and in modern kitchens considering their daily calorie needs. The main dining hall in Yunus Emre Campus has 2 floors. Students can benefit from the medico-social services of Anadolu University in Yunus Emre and 2 Eylul Campuses, free of charge.


Eskisehir is famous for being a student city. Anadolu University is among the most preferred universities in Turkey.  In this sense, it offers many opportunities in the field of accommodation for the students. As the number of students in the city is too high, accommodation opportunities are increasing day by day. Many private and state dormitories are available in the city center. Also, there are a number of suitable flats for the students in the city center. To find a suitable place for accommodation is not difficult in Eskisehir.


Transportation is very easy in Eskisehir, which is a complete student city. Yunus Emre Campus, which is the Main Campus, is located on the Ankara-Bursa highway passing through the city. Transportation to the campus, which is 20 minutes away from the city center on foot, is easily provided by municipal buses and minibuses.

Prep. School:

School of Foreign Languages was established on December 4, 1998. Today, it is an institution that aims to provide foreign language education with its democratic and contemporary education approach with its academic staff of 193 people, 6 of whom are foreign. The Department of Basic Foreign Languages and Modern Languages within the School of Foreign Languages aims to provide foreign language education at international standards. Academic English, German, French and Russian classes are given in School of Foreign Languages.

The Library:


Anadolu University has one of the largest libraries in the world. The library is open 24 hours a day and offers free soup and drinks to students after 01:00 a.m. Also, it subscribes to many international journals. Anadolu University members (students, full-time faculty and staff) can access library electronic resources (databases, periodicals, e-books, and slides, etc.) from outside the campus.

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University Website: https://www.anadolu.edu.tr

You can reach other universities in Turkey by this link: Universities in Turkey

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