Study in Aksaray University

Study in Aksaray University

Aksaray University(ASU in short) is located in the central anatolia region. It is a young university founded in 2006, but it has a long history, the history of the university dates back to 1986. If you want to learn more about Aksaray University, you can find the details about the university life  in this article. Aksaray University started education as a Vocational School affiliated to Selcuk University. The university continues its education and training with 23005 students at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels with 12 Faculties, 3 Institutes, 1 Training and Research Hospital, 1 College, 6 Vocational Schools and 17 Research Centers. ASU attracts attention with its achievements both in the international and national community.

The Main Campus:

The main campus of the university is located on the Aksaray-Adana Road in Bahce Saray, connected to Aksaray city center. Many faculties are located on the main campus such as; Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Veterinary School, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.


Distance between Aksaray and Aksaray University is 8 km. To reach Aksaray University, you can use private public buses next to the city bus station. Bus lines pass here every 5 minutes.


There are many different types of accomadations options in Aksaray for the students. The state dormitories are available. Also, there are many private dormitories and aparts in the city center. If you want, you can prefer private or state dormitories. You can also prefer to stay in a apart or rent a furnitured flat around the campus of the university .

Prep. School:

The School of Foreign Languages is located in Aksaray University Main Campus. School of Foreign Languages; It conducts the Foreign Language Preparatory Education and common compulsory foreign language courses of the faculties and colleges of the students who enroll in the departments of the Faculties and Schools affiliated to the university with Preparatory Classes and who did not take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam held at the beginning of the academic year or failed. The School of Foreign Languages of Aksaray University aims to be a school that makes a difference in foreign language teaching.

The Library:

The main library of Aksaray University  is located on the main campus. Many different types of books are available that students and academic staff of the university can use. The book collection has been completely transferred to the computer environment. So, students can also can benefits from the books on the digital area, as well. It is possible to access all information about the resources in the library collection via the internet. Also, the university offers Interlibrary Book Supply Service. It means that first of all, a catalog is scanned on the website of Aksaray University Library. If the book that you want is not available in the library of Aksayar university; then, It is determined in which libraries the required book is. Finally, the students can reach the book that they want in three days thanks to Interlibrary Book Supply Service.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.aksaray.edu.tr/

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