Study in Akdeniz University

Study in Akdeniz University

The Mediterranean region is one of the most favorite regions of the Turkey. Akdeniz University is located in the Mediterranean region. It is among the most preferred universities of Turkey. So, this article is just for you if you want to learn more about studying at Akdeniz University. Akdeniz University was established in the city center of Antalya in 1982. Akdeniz University carries out its studies with the vision of being a research and development focused, entrepreneurial and distinguished university internationally known for its scientific aspect. As of the 2018-2019 academic year; Education, research and community service activities continue in 24 faculties, 7 institutes, 1 college, 12 vocational schools, 1 conservatory and 60 research and application centers.

The Main Campus

Akdeniz University Main Campus

Akdeniz University offers high standards of social and cultural living spaces to its students with its the main campus. There are many social and cultural centres that students can use. The Main Campus has a large and green field and it 15 minutes away from Konyaalti Beach. So, Akdeniz University has been selected as the second most beautiful university in Turkey after Bogazici University.


Akdeniz University is located in Muratpasa, Antalya. Transportation to Antalya University is provided by both minibus and city buses. On the other hand, minibus fees vary according to short and long distances. You can reach the university by choosing the appropriate bus line or minibus according to your location.


Antalya is a big city. So, if you are looking for accomodation options in the city, you can find many different types options. Every person can make a different choice according to his or her personal preference. In Antalya, students live in student houses, apartments, state dormitories and private dormitories. There are dormitories, located within the Akdeniz University campus, nearby and in the districts, belonging to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. The university students staying at home are generally located in Konyaalti, Muratpasa and Kepez, where access to the university is easy. Another accommodation choice for students in Antalya is apart. Apart is the allocation of furnished flats within a building or site to students.

Prep. School:

Prep School

The School of Foreign Languages is located in the main campus of University. In the School of Foreign Languages, a preparatory program is carried out in the compulsory English, German and Russian languages stipulated by higher education institutions. The aim of the preparatory program is to provide students with knowledge and skills that they can use language effectively in their academic, professional and social lives.

The Library:

Akdeniz University main library is located on the main campus. Many different types of books are available that students can use. There are two Reading Halls were located on the ground floor of the library. In the Reading Hall, there is a general collection of approximately 70,000 books in Turkish and foreign languages. The general collection serves according to the open shelf system where users can freely access the shelves.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.akdeniz.edu.tr

You can reach other universities in Turkey by this link: Universities in Turkey

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