Study in Agri Ibrahim Cecen University


Study in Agri Ibrahim Cecen University

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, AICU in short is located in the eastern part of our country. If you want to learn about study in AICU, you can read this article and find the answers to your questions. The foundations of AICU were laid in the 1967-1968 academic year as the Agri Girls Primary Teacher School, which was established under the Ministry of National Education. It has been transformed into a two-year Education Institute since the academic year of 1977-1978 and has continued its teacher training function. The name of our university, which was established as Agri Dagi University on 17.05.2007, was changed to Agri Ibrahim Cecen University.

The Main Campus:

The main campus of Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is located in the city center. AICU has eight faculties; Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, faculty of Pharmacy, Medical School, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Patnos Sultan Alparslan Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dogubayazit Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Agri Ibrahim Cecen University shows the necessary sensitivity for the students to have the best working, nutrition and housing opportunities. All dormitories inside and outside the campus have a capacity of approximately 4000 thousand students. In addition to the dormitories built and operating by the private enterprise, the dormitory buildings for 750 people built by “TOKI” will soon be put into service. Dormitories, which are designed to meet all the needs of students, have all the facilities needed for the comfort and peace of the students.


Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is located in the central district campus within the borders of Agri province. In other words, it is located on Erzurum Road 4 Kilometers. You can reach here by private public buses departing from the center.

Prep. School:

Preparatory class trainings at Agri Ibrahim Cecen University are given in the foreign languages section of the Main Campus. The aim of the School of Foreign Languages is to carry out the preparatory class programs of the departments of the university that apply compulsory and optional preparatory class education and Foreign Language I and Foreign Language II courses offered in the university. There are English preparatory classes in the Department of Translation and Interpretation (English) within our college.  There are Russian preparatory classes in Russian Language and Literature department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. There are Arabic preparatory classes in the Faculty of Theology. Lessons, exams and other educational activities in the preparatory classes are carried out by the academic staff of the school.

The Library:

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University Central Library was established in 2007. The library aims to collect all kinds of information resources and information technologies for the use of education, training, research and leisure time of academicians, students and administrative staff of Faculties, Institutes, Schools and Vocational Schools within the university and put them into service. The Main Library and Information Center became operational in October 2016 and started to serve in the Congress and Culture Center on the main campus of the University.

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University Website: https://www.agri.edu.tr/

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