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Starbucks has decided to withdraw completely from Russia

World-famous coffee giant Starbucks has decided to withdraw completely from Russia after 15 years. In addition, Starbucks announced that it will pay its approximately 2,000 employees in Russia for 6 months. After the occupation of Ukraine, famous brands began to withdraw from Russia one by one. After world-famous companies such as McDonald’s and Exxon Mobil, coffee giant Starbucks also announced that it will withdraw completely from Russia after 15 years.

6 Monthly Payment to Employees

The company, which has 130 branches in Russia, stated that it will pay approximately 2 thousand employees for 6 months. Star bucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced in March that after Russia’s February 24 attacks on Ukraine, S.bucks is suspending all business operations in Russia, including shipments of all its products.

Has 130 Stores

Starbucks, which opened its first store in Russia in 2007, has 130 stores in the country operated by the licensee, Alshaya Group. As Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continued, the number of companies reviewing their activities in Russia continued to increase. Finally, McDonald’s announced that it will exit the Russian market, where it has been operating for more than 30 years, and has started the process of selling its operations.

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