SpaceX Starship Explodes on Test Flight!

Starship, developed by SpaceX and launched as the most powerful rocket in history, exploded before it could reach the target orbit, although it had taken off successfully during the test flight.

SpaceX Starship, the largest and most powerful rocket in history, was launched from the Starbase station today at around 16:30 Turkish time. Although the Starship took off with a successful launch sequence, it unfortunately exploded in mid-air about 4 minutes after launch, before reaching the target orbit.

Starship exploded!

Starship was launched from the Starbase station, albeit with a little delay. The launch sequence was executed quite strongly. However, some things started to go wrong shortly after the rocket took off. As it is known, the Starship rocket consisted of two stages: the first stage, Falcon Heavy, and the second stage, Starship, which is the upper part of the rocket. At a test point, the Falcon Heavy rocket was supposed to disengage immediately after reaching sufficient altitude and make a hard landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Falcon Heavy was supposed to do a complete somersault in midair and go into a landing sequence after separation, but the separation did not occur and the Starship as a whole began to spin in the air. Then a big explosion took place and it exploded. In the statement made by SpaceX, it was stated that the teams have started to examine the data and are already working on the next flight test. Elon Musk previously stated that the success rate of the task was 50 percent and in any case described the process as “excitement guaranteed”.

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