South Korean Man Becomes Muslim; His new name is Mohammed

South Korean Viadislah Kim, who started to live in Turkey with her husband, decided to become a Muslim here. During the conversion ceremony, his wife could not hold back her tears.

A story from South Korea to Turkey

43-year-old Viadislah Kim met Gulhsen Kim from Uzbekistan in Russia, where she went for business.

The couple, who decided to get married, came to Turkey and settled in Bursa.

Vıadislah Kim, who started work here, became a sushi master.

He Said He Wanted To Become Muslim

Making a decision after a while, Kim talked to his boss, Can İslenen, and stated that he was researching the religion of Islam and wanted to become a Muslim.

Thereupon, he went to the nearest mosque, experiencing astonishment and joy at what he heard.

Muhammad Takes the Name

After talking with Raif Sevin, the imam of Sehabettin Pasha Mosque, he took Vıadislah Kim and his wife Gulhsen Kim and went to the mosque.

The new name of Vıadislah Kim, who became a Muslim with the conversion ceremony organized by the Mosque Imam, was Muhammed.

His wife, Gülhşen Kim, could not hold back her tears while witnessing that her husband was a Muslim.

“I Wanted To Be A Muslim A Long Time Ago”

Muhammet Kim, formerly known as Viadislah Kim, expressed his feelings with the following words:

“I wanted to become a Muslim long ago. I thank everyone who helped me become a Muslim, may Allah be pleased with them.”

On the other hand, Kim very much wants to meet with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who will come to Bursa on Saturday.

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