Source of Hepatitis Virus Found

British health authorities announced that mysterious hepatitis cases seen in children younger than 5 years old in many countries in recent days may be caused by adenovirus, a type of virus commonly seen in the community.

While the number of mysterious hepatitis cases has been determined as 169 to date, the British Health Safety Agency announced that the main suspect is F41 type adenovirus.

A Child Died

To date, 169 cases have been identified and one child has died. While 114 children fell ill in England, 10 needed liver transplants. The British Health Safety Authority announced that the F41 strain of adenovirus is the prime suspect. Most children with the disease are younger than five years old. Symptoms in children include diarrhea, nausea, and yellowing of the skin.

The Effect of the Epidemic on Virus Symptoms Has Been Observed

From the UK Health Safety Authority, Dr. Meera Chand said they are continuing to examine other possible causes. Experts state that most children with this virus do not have a serious illness, but a very small percentage of them develop liver inflammation known as hepatitis. Scientists are trying to determine if there is a change in the genetic sequence of the virus that causes these inflammations to be more common. Another possible reason is that young children are exposed to this virus at a later age due to pandemic measures, and therefore different symptoms occur. “Adenorivus has almost completely disappeared due to the measures taken during the Covid-19 pandemic and has now returned in a wave,” said Calum Semple.

Other causes examined include whether having a recent Covid-19 outbreak increases the risk of inflammation in people infected with adenovirus. No connection has been made to the mysterious hepatitis and Covid-19 vaccines. Children have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus in any of the confirmed cases in the UK. Experts emphasize that children with symptoms should not be sent to school for 48 hours, and that hygiene measures such as hand washing reduce the spread of viruses.

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