Sony: “Microsoft Will Intentionally Disrupt Call of Duty, Even Sabotage PlayStation!”

According to the documents Sony submitted to the UK Competition and Markets Authority, company officials think that Microsoft may sabotage them through Call of Duty games. Moreover, it is alleged that Microsoft is trying to end the competition by using the CoD series.

Since last January, Sony’s objections have turned the event into a mess after Microsoft signed a deal to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. While this lawsuit, which even people who are not interested in games learned, was about to be settled, a document submitted by Sony to the UK Competition and Market Authority caused the events to flare up again.

According to the information in the document, Sony fears that Microsoft’s Call of Duty series will increase the PlayStation price, end the competition by offering the game free to Game Pass subscribers, and even sabotage the PS versions of the game.

Sony Goes Too Far On Paranoia

In the document that Sony submitted to the UK Competition and Markets Authority on February 22, but emerged today, company officials claim that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, even if it keeps its word, may cause difficulties for Sony and other competitors. Allegedly, Microsoft may try to end the competition with Sony by offering the Call of Duty trilogy free to Game Pass subscribers, and offer exclusive content to Game Pass subscribers.

In addition, Microsoft’s Call of Duty, which will be strategically prepared for PlayStation consoles, may fill with bugs and performance problems and make the game unplayable. Sony says Microsoft will “degrade the quality and performance of Call of Duty on PlayStation compared to Xbox“, “degrade Call of Duty to ignore PlayStation-specific features (e.g. better controller)” or ” He says it’s worried it will “limit, disrupt, or underinvest” the multiplayer experience on PlayStation.

In fact, Sony takes this claim one step further and claims that Microsoft may even try to disrupt PlayStations with updates to the game. According to Sony, Microsoft may try to attract players who play CoD to Xbox by increasing the PlayStation prices of the game, even if it does neither of these.

As paranoid as it sounds, when you think about it, it doesn’t sound impossible due to the long-standing rivalry between Microsoft and Sony. However, it is almost certain that Microsoft officials, who know that if such “sabotages” occur through Call of Duty, the arrows will be directed directly to Microsoft and Activision, will not make such a move.

Do you think Sony is really being paranoid or is it just bringing these facts to light?

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