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Smoking ban expands in Portugal

Smoking ban expands in Portugal

The Portuguese government has passed a law restricting the consumption and sale of cigarettes and tobacco products with the aim of raising new generations of healthy non-smokers by 2040.

The Portuguese government took action to restrict smoking areas and reduce tobacco sales points by making new regulations in the anti-tobacco law adopted in 2007 in order to raise healthy new generations who do not smoke. It was reported that the new amendments to the anti-tobacco law, presented by the Portuguese government with the words “a smoke-free generation by 2040”, were approved by the Council of Ministers, while the bans would come into effect step by step. From 23 October.

With the amendment made in the law, the usage areas of cigarettes and tobacco products, which were previously limited to restaurants and some other points, are expanded and the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products is prevented in these areas. According to the new law, the use of cigarettes and tobacco products will not be allowed in all restaurants, bars and cafes in the country, such as doors, windows and covered terraces, and schools, hospitals, gyms, stops and many other buildings. January 2024.

Smoking ban

Smoking ban expands in Portugal

With the law that will ban the sale of tobacco in restaurants, theaters, gas stations and vending machines in the country as of 2025, the sales authorization of cigarettes and tobacco products will be given only to tobacco shops and airports that are interested in this business.


With the new changes made in the anti-tobacco law, various restrictions were brought to the consumption of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco. It was stated that these products, which are likened to tobacco and cause the illusion that they are harmless to health, will be warned that these products are harmful to health with texts and photographs, and flavored products will be banned.

Noting that cigarettes and tobacco consumption cause serious health problems in the country, Portuguese Health Minister Manuel Pizarro stated that these new changes in the anti-tobacco law were implemented to improve health and protect citizens from tobacco smoke in the environment.

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