Skyworth will establish a battery factory in Turkey

Skyworth, the manufacturer of Skywell, which made a rapid entry into the Turkish market under the distributorship of Ulu Motor, one of the Ulubaşlar Group companies, continues to make a name for itself with its works and investments.

The brand, which opened a battery factory with a capacity of 1.2 GWh in China’s Jiangsu province last year, strengthened its hand in the competition in the global market with this move. The brand, which has established a battery module and two battery pack production lines in its 22 thousand square meter facility, aims to produce batteries worth 170 million dollars in 2023. In addition, Skyworth has an investment plan to establish a battery factory in Turkey. Statements on this subject came from Skywell Turkey CEO Mahmut Ulubaş and Skywell Co-founder and CEO Wu Longba.

“We Want to Make Significant Contributions to the Country’s Economy”

Regarding the agreement to open a Battery Development and Production factory in Turkey, Mahmut Ulubaş said, “The battery is a key element in the transformation of the automotive market, and producing this technology here will bring important capabilities to Turkey. It will make a significant contribution to the economy of our country. In terms of employment, it will also have a significant income for Turkey.

It will enable us to do things that we will be proud of, especially on the export side. In addition, we continue to work on the production of new models, which Skywell plans to launch in three years, in Turkey. We expect positive developments regarding him as well.” he said.

“We Have Investment Plans for Turkey”

About the investments they want to make in Turkey, Wu Longba said, “We work very closely with Ulu Motor, which is our distributor in 15 countries both in Turkey and in Europe. We agreed to open a battery factory together. Regarding this, we will start the feasibility studies as soon as possible. We are very excited about this cooperation, which will be an important turning point for Turkey-China relations.

We have also included in our plans to establish a vehicle production line in Turkey, to bring the spare parts supply system to Turkey and to manufacture some parts here. For all these processes, we will have different business partnerships with Ulu Motor in time. What we want is to plan to develop Turkey’s new energy vehicle industry technology and capacity.”

“We Will Remove the Fill Time Difference Between Fuel Cars”

Wu Longba stated that they are constantly conducting R&D studies to increase the performance of Skywell and said, “We are working on a new technology. The Skywell ET5 LR will have new 800V+4C super fast charging technology, the charging power will increase from 120kw to 480kw, which will enable it to reach 0 to 80 percent charge in 8 minutes. In this way, we aim to eliminate the filling time difference between fueled cars. Vehicles with batteries with the highest 860V software are produced in China, and 23 percent of the vehicles produced in the country are in the electric vehicle category. In the coming years, this figure is planned to be 50 percent.” said.

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