Sirince Village

Sirince Village

One of the things that make Sirince Village stand out among touristic destinations is its wines. Since this is actually a Greek Village, there was already a wine culture here, but somehow it shifted to fruit wines; Apple, strawberry, banana, peach, melon.. Sirince’s fruit wine is very famous. While you are here, you can do wine tasting and shopping in the cellars in the center of Sirince Village.The village bazaar, where all kinds of homemade soaps, handicrafts, olive oil products are sold in the center, wine houses and historical Greek houses on the cobblestone streets are places to be seen.

In addition, the village view from the Hodri Meydan Tower to the north of Sirince Village is also wonderful. The St. John the Baptist Church on the southern facade of the village was opened to visitors. It is not known exactly how old the history of the church goes, but we know that it was rebuilt in 1805 and came to its current appearance. A delicious and refreshing drink is produced from the essence of elderberry, a flower that grows by the stream. It also has the feature of being good for colds. In some places it is served next to Turkish coffee, in some places it is served on top of the meal, but it is the most enjoyable to drink at the view cafe right at the entrance of the church.

The Theater Madrasa is conceived as a meeting place for both amateur and professional theater actors, where they will come to do researches on performing arts, work and rest, and a real meeting place where the audience and artists will have the opportunity to meet and discuss. If you ask what we can do here, it is not a place to go and visit for tourism purposes, but you can go watch the performances here. Whether something is displayed or not is evident during the day, so follow it on your social media accounts the day you go.


Sirince is a village in the Selcuk District of Izmir. To get here, continue in the direction of Selcuk on the  Izmir-Aydin highway and enter the Selcuk-Izmir highway and reach. You go to Sirince direction on Er Yuksel Ozulku Caddesi.


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