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She Turned Into A Horse After Being With A Married Man!

Seeing the images that created the agenda in a short time on social media, he looked again. Because in the footage allegedly shot in Tasmania, it was said that an unnamed woman was with a married man, so her feet turned into horse hooves and her tail came out. While most of the social media users did not believe the video, some said that they found the situation amusing.

In the footage allegedly shot in Tasmania, a woman was punished by her betrayed husband for having sex with a married man. It was said that the cheated wife, who was said to be a witch, cast a spell and turned her husband’s lover’s feet into horse hooves. On the other hand, some think that her feet mysteriously turned into horse hooves because she was with a married man.


It became the agenda on social media as social media users doubted the authenticity of the sharing. The images reached thousands of views and comments in a short time. While some of the social media users questioned the reality of the situation, others came together in funny comments.


The curious crowd gathered in the village square began to examine the feet of the woman they had circled. While the villagers supported the woman, they also wanted the sorceress to be punished. Social media users claimed that such an event could not be real.

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