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She Saw Her Own Nude Poses On Her Stepdad’s Phone!

An incident in the USA was mind-blowing. 39-year-old interior designer Jade Janks, who allegedly went insane and strangled her after seeing her stepfather’s nude photos on his phone, was arrested on charges of murder. Janks and her lawyer, who denied the charges even though there was evidence of the incident, insisted that the incident was not murder.

Jade Janks had gone to clean the house of her stepfather, Thomas Merriman, who continued to live with her mother despite their divorce in 2008 due to severe conflict. The young woman went crazy when she saw nude photos of herself on her stepfather’s phone while she was tidying up. Merriman was not at home at the time.


However, Jade Janks, who could not digest this situation, then gave Merriman a sleeping pill and neutralized her, and killed her stepfather by suffocating her with a bag while he was sleeping. Janks, who was arrested after the incident, did not accept the charges, although court judge Jorge Del Portillo said they had evidence that the young woman killed her stepfather by strangling her with her hands.


Janks’ lawyer, Marc Carlos, said Merriman died from deteriorating health and a cocktail of sleeping pills she had taken. The official cause of death for Merriman was recorded as acute poisoning. The lawyer also claimed that Merriman was an alcoholic and addicted to sleeping pills. She also underlined that his client loved his late stepfather, whom he called a ‘problematic individual’.

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