She Beats Her Cheating Husband With A Shovel And Filmed It On Video!

The punishment given by an unnamed woman to her husband who cheated on her became the agenda in a short time on social media. When she got home, the woman who beat her husband with another woman offered her two options. When the man chose punishment from the options of divorce or punishment, the revenge of the cheated wife surprised everyone.

The punishment given by the unnamed woman who caught her husband with another woman in the images that created the agenda on social media was an event. After seeing her husband with another woman, the woman asked him to choose between “divorce or punishment”, and when the man chose punishment, she made a move that no one expected. The woman asked her husband to lie face down on the bed. Then she pulled down his pants and started hitting his hips with the wooden shovel in her hand.


The sentence of the woman, who counted the blows while hitting her husband’s hip with a shovel, attracted the attention of social media users. Most of the social media users reacted to the punishment. Others said that the man deserved the punishment.

Ece Nagihan

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