Seyhan River covered with algae

Seyhan River covered with algae

When the water of Seyhan River passing through the centre of Adana was cut off due to bridge works, the river was flooded with algae. While algae and garbage accumulated in the green river, complaints were made about the bad odour.

The flow of water in the Seyhan River, one of the symbols of Adana, was stopped a while ago due to the construction of the Yavuzlar Bridge and the construction of the High Speed Train line.

With the cessation of the current, algae deposits formed in the river.
Due to over 2 metres of algae, the river turned completely green.
As the pollution in the water got out of control, the garbage thrown into the river by the citizens also accumulated on it. In addition, some birds were seen nesting on the piles of algae in the river.
Some citizens who saw the Seyhan River turning green stated that there was a dirty appearance and bad odour in the region due to algae and called for cleaning.

Seyhan River


Ahmet Keçe, one of the young people, stated that the river was neglected and said, “The algae is now like a forest. The smell and appearance are both bad. It needs to be maintained. Even if the water is withdrawn, maintenance should be done.”

Seyhan River

Hüseyin Can Meriç, who expressed his discomfort due to the bad odour while passing through Kyrenia Bridge, said, “The authorities need to come here as soon as possible and do maintenance. This place used to be water. It is in a bad condition now. Tourists come to Adana and we welcome them with this view. This place is in a very bad condition.

Seyhan River

Celal Tekmen Uray, who stated that he came from Ankara, said, “I came here from outside the city. Even if this place is cleaned, the public should be informed. It is in a very bad condition. There is bad odour and appearance.”

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