Selçuk Bayraktar is entering politics…!

Selçuk Bayraktar responded to questions about whether he would enter politics in the program he participated in. Bayraktar said, “If our airplanes will continue to fly, of course there is no need, but if someone is going to put a wedge in front of these works with strange excuses, then we will do all kinds of struggle.”

Selçuk Bayraktar, TEKNOFEST Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Technology Team Foundation of Turkey, gave important messages on live broadcast last night. Speaking about the claim that “Selçuk Bayraktar will take his place after President Erdoğan leaves politics”, Bayraktar said; “If someone is going to put a wedge in front of these works with strange excuses and external agendas, we will do all kinds of struggle.” Bayraktar also did not neglect to ask the presenter, “So will you vote for me?”


BAYKAR Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar made a remarkable statement about whether he was considering entering politics. Bayraktar used the following statements in his speech: “I said before, ‘If the struggle requires it, I would not hesitate.’ We are struggling to realize the National Technology Move together with the society. In a sense, we are experiencing a sharing of emotions. The vision of the National Technology Move is a political discourse. Someone may say, ‘Let’s buy these from abroad, let’s be a country of pleasure’. Some people are disturbed by this move. Why are they disturbed by this? They may have other agendas. Why was Vecihi Hürkuş turned into a parody character? We are the children of a defeated civilization. In the defense industry, 20 years ago we were 80 percent dependent on foreign countries. Now the domestic contribution is 80 percent. Why do some people rejoice when we are embargoed? If we have entered hearts, we don’t need to enter politics. If someone is going to put a wedge in front of these works with strange excuses and external agendas, we will do all kinds of struggles. There is no need to talk about hypothetical things.”


“I have a lot to do with the children here. They call me ‘big brother’ and I call them my brothers. I have a lot of inner peace while doing these things. Why would you change lanes if you have so much peace of mind? I see people’s appreciation for these works. I have a path and I am moving forward on it. But we don’t know what will come in front of us.”


When we first used UCAVs, the first voice came from the Parliament, from Sezgin Tanrıkulu. We know why the voice came from there. We know what the mentality is. We are also taking note. We will be fully independent and prosperous. They reveal that they will destroy these works. Those who destroyed the Revolution car did not say ‘We are darkening the future of this country’. They said something else. We are trying to root these projects. We want the National Technology Move to take root. This is only possible if it becomes widespread in society. For this, we are organizing the 9th TEKNOFEST.”


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