Is Selcuk Bayraktar Entering Politics?

It was said that the 43-year-old Bayraktar could “follow in Erdogan’s footsteps and reach the top of politics”. It was pointed out that Bayraktar’s influence on Turkish politics is likely to increase.

Baykar managed to make a name for himself in a wide geography from Libya to Nagorno-Karabakh with the armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SİHA) he produced.

Baykar Chairman of the Board of Directors Selçuk Bayraktar is one of the leading architects of Bayraktar TB2, which has made headlines in the world press.

“Erdogan’s possible successor”

Bayraktar, while responding to the rumors about “He can be thrown into politics”, “I don’t have such a plan.” he said.

While the German magazine Der Spiegel brought the claim back to the agenda, “It is waiting in the wings. The drone manufacturer Bayraktar is seen as a possible successor to Erdogan.” wrote.

“Turkey’s Elon Musk”

Saying that Selçuk Bayraktar changed the shape of modern warfare, “Some call him Turkey’s Elon Musk.” expression was used.

“He can follow Erdogan’s footsteps and reach the top of politics”

Bringing the word to the rumors about politics, the magazine said:

“There is growing speculation that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could follow in his footsteps and rise to the top of Turkish politics.

Bayraktar’s speech to the Turkish public after the earthquakes showed that he was striving for responsibility.”

Bayraktar, who was asked about speculations in a TV show recently, was reminded that these were “gossip”.

“It is likely to increase its influence on Turkish politics”

In the news in question, the impact of the defense technologies produced by Baykar was also mentioned:

“Bayraktar’s success has made him so popular in Turkey that no government can ignore him and his company. His influence on Turkish politics is likely to increase.”

SİHA and Technology Supply to 18 Countries

In the news, which stated that Baykar is Turkey’s largest arms exporter with annual sales of 664 million dollars in 2021, it was emphasized that the company attracted attention as a result of the Ukraine war.

It was also shared that Baykar provided unmanned aerial vehicles and other technologies worth $1.18 billion to 18 countries last year.

He Was Interested In Airplanes As A Child

On the other hand, some features of Selçuk Bayraktar were pointed out:

Bayraktar is 43 years old. He looks like a movie star with his specially designed stubble and short, black hair.

Bayraktar says that as a child he was interested in everything related to technology, especially airplanes: ‘It’s a way of life for me.’

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