Sea Level Rises After Earthquake in Hatay, Streets Submerged!

Turkey cries for the earthquake. There were frightening images in the Iskenderun district of Hatay, which was affected by the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquakes. While some streets were under water in the district where the sea level rose, drivers were directed to different routes. Those photo frames became the agenda on social media.

In the Iskenderun district of Hatay, which was affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, some streets were flooded as a result of the rise in sea level. Agencies just passed those photos.

Sea level rose in Iskenderun after earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 affecting 10 provinces, the epicenter of which is Pazarcik and Elbistan districts of Kahramanmaras.


In Çay Mahallesi Mete Aslan Boulevard, approximately 200 meters of water pools were formed from the coast towards the interior.


In the region where the water level came to the level of the wheels of the vehicles, traffic density also occurred. While drivers have difficulty in moving on the road, the traffic police directs the vehicles to alternative routes.

Meanwhile, it was seen that the water coming from the sea was only on the roads and did not reach the houses.

In Hatay, one of the cities most affected by earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the balance of pain is increasing. Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Lütfü Savaş said that there were nearly 2,000 destroyed buildings in the city due to the earthquake and that the losses were too high, and search and rescue teams started to arrive in the city.

According to official figures, there are 872 casualties and 2,666 injured in Hatay. Stating that there are nearly 2,000 destroyed buildings in Hatay, Savas said, “Most of the public buildings, our own building, the fire department, AFAD, three hospitals have been severely damaged, our losses are very high.”

It was stated that approximately 1200 buildings were destroyed in the city center and irikhan and Iskenderun districts of Hatay, all the houses in the Cebrail District, where 40-50 years old buildings are located in the central district of Antakya, collapsed and many people were under the rubble.

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