San Francisco Police in The USA Will Use Killer Robot

San Francisco Police in The USA Will Use Killer Robot

In the USA, the San Francisco police approved the use of killer robots. Activists reacted to the decision, arguing that the act of killing would be made easier by dehumanizing it. Authorities, on the other hand, argued that robots with the ability to kill will only be used in extreme situations.

A topic to be discussed was allowed in San Francisco, United States.

The city’s supervisory board has approved the use of robots with the power to kill. These robots, which will be used in situations of danger, will be controlled by police teams.

Killer Robot

City officials underlined that the entire decision will be made by the public. But the fact that it was possible to kill people at the push of a button prompted activists to take action.

Activists, who said that they would move away from human feelings in the decision-making mechanism, evaluated the situation as “slippery ground”.

Authorities argue that robots capable of killing will only be used in extreme situations and by specially trained police.

Killer Robot

On the other hand, the city police announced that at the moment law enforcement does not have robots with the ability to kill. A police spokesperson said, “Robots can be equipped with potentially explosive payloads to circumvent fortified structures that contain violent, armed or dangerous subjects.” Aforementioned.


In the US state of Texas, police have used deadly robots before. In 2016, Dallas police used a robot armed with a C-4 explosive to kill a sniper who killed two officers and injured several more.

Killer Robot

The federal government has long distributed military-grade equipment, camouflage uniforms, bayonets, and armored vehicles to assist local law enforcement.

But a California state law passed this year now requires city police forces to take inventory of military-grade equipment and obtain approval for their use.

Killer Robot

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