Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Salt Lake is definitely top of the list should be seen in our country, is a unique resource that meets the needs of 40 percent of Turkey’s salt. Salt Lake is like the starting point of the beautiful geography you will see before you arrive in Cappadocia, the land of miracles, and a gateway to the land of dreams. When the door is opened, a snow-white paradise welcomes you, welcomes you in. Salt Lake, which is located at the deepest part of a tectonic trough and surrounded by plateaus, is also known as ‘Koçhisar Lake’. This hollow region, formed by tectonic ground movements in the Neogene phase, is surrounded by active faults in the southeast and west directions. Meteorological waters flowing underground dissolve the salt domes at the bottom of the lake and carry the salt water to the surface through tectonic lines. After this process, which is the description of the salt formation of the lake, the salt at the bottom is collected and processed and comes to our tables as sodium chloride, or salt. It covers an area of ​​7414 square kilometers, which is 80 km in the north-south direction and 60 km in the east-west wool. As the water level rises in the winter months, the water accumulated in the summer evaporates and turns into an arid area. Despite being large, Salt Lake, which is one of the shallowest lakes in our country, expands to 164,000 hectares in the spring months. Salt Lake is a class A wetland in international evaluations but it is a closed basin that does not flow out, so the nutritional resources are very scarce. Because the region receives little rainfall and the waters of Melendiz, Peçenek, Kırkdelik, Karasu, and İnsuyu streams that carry water to the lake are almost nonexistent in summer. In the spring season, when the rainfall increases, the deepest part of the lake is 1.5 meters and the average water level decreases to 40 cm. Dry areas are covered with approximately 30 cm layers of salt. In other words, the lake is a rare blessing not for swimming or rowing, but for walking from shore to shore and taking lots of pictures.


Salt Lake, which is located at the confluence of Konya and Aksaray borders in the Central Anatolia Region, is mostly close to Aksaray. It is 1 hour away from Aksaray and 2 hours away from Ankara.

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