Saklikent Ski Center

Saklikent Ski Center

Summer and winter tourism activities taking place in Turkey. While the beaches fill in summer, local and foreign tourists prefer ski resorts in winter. Especially the demand for Saklikent ski resort is increasing day by day. Especially people who prefer their winter vacation ski resorts located in many provinces of Turkey. In the winter season, there is a lot of intensity at the ski resorts on weekends or on holiday. Access to Saklikent ski center in Antalya is also very easy and convenient. Saklikent ski center is a ski complex consisting of 500 chalets and ski facilities built on the northern slope of Bakirlidagi located in the Beydaglari part of the Taurus Mountains.

Saklikent ski resort, which is one of the closest ski facilities to the Mediterranean and Ecuador, offers quality skiing for about 120 days between December 10 and April 10. Saklikent ski center, which stands out with the slogan “Skiing during the day, sea in the afternoon” especially in late February and March, is the ski center with the highest temperature in our country thanks to its mild climate. The number of sunny days reaches 50-60 days during the season. In Saklikent ski center, the average snow thickness is 100 – 200 cm and it sometimes reaches 4 meters at the summit.

Saklikent ski resort has become one of the most important winter tourism places in Antalya. There are many chalets and accommodation facilities around this ski center. Saklikent Ski Resort, located about 40 minutes away from Antalya’s most popular beaches, welcomes local and foreign tourists in the winter season. Here, both winter sports and skiing are available. Saklıikent ski resort has 4 tracks with different levels, 3 mechanical facilities, a hotel, different chalets, ski rooms, cafeterias and restaurants.


Saklikent Ski Center is 35 km from Antalya city center and 50 km from the airport. Departure direction is from Uncali direction to Cakirlar / Doyran direction and you can go by following the Saklikent and Tubitak observation center signs on the road. Saklikent Ski Center, which attracts many visitors especially on weekends, attracts great attention during the winter by holidaymakers and skiers who want to see snow in Antalya. On weekends, the shuttle, departing in front of Migros 5M at 08:00 in the morning, departs from the facility to leave the guests at Migros 5M again at 16:00 in the evening. The service is paid.


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