SabancıDx Continues to Spread Rapidly in the Global Market

Sabancı Holding’s technology company SabancıDx is taking fast steps towards the “digital technology” company that provides services around the world. SabancıDx has spread to 60 countries.

SabancıDx, Sabancı Holding’s company that provides technological solutions in areas such as advanced data analytics, cyber security and artificial intelligence, made a statement about its overseas operations.

Taking steps towards the digital world and globalization, SabancıDx has become a global technology portfolio company with offices in 5 countries and a footprint in 60 countries. It offers cyber security, digital transformation, digital marketing technologies and cloud technologies to domestic and foreign companies.

Making a statement at a press conference held at SabancıDx Digital Campus, SabancıDx General Manager Doğuş Kuran said, “Last year, we started our global journey and decided to make a transformation. We targeted global markets and shaped our investments in this direction. We moved our headquarters to Europe and gave a global perspective to companies that expand into these markets. In order to offer expertise, we started to progress rapidly with a more integrated model in four verticals.

Cyber security, digital marketing technologies and services, cloud and technology services, digital transformation products became our four main focus. Today, we have doubled the number of our customers, with offices in 5 countries and 60 “We have transformed into a global technology company with a footprint in the country. We have increased our certified talents from different disciplines by 5 times, together with our competent teams who can speak 10 different mother tongues. When we look at the fields of activity and growth rate of our portfolio, we see no reason why SabancıDx should not be a ‘unicorn’.”

SabancıDx Acquired Digital Marketing Company SEM

Stating that the market size of marketing technologies has reached 250 billion dollars by 2021, Doğuş Kuran stated that they have acquired Google’s first Premier Partner in Turkey, digital marketing company SEM. Kuran continued his words as follows: “We are working on a new brand that will combine the marketing muscles of our group with the technologies of SEM, one of Turkey’s leading agencies in the digital field. As we transform SEM, which operates in the field of digital marketing, into a company that will serve in 3 different areas globally, we are preparing to become one of the global pioneers of the analytics-oriented digital marketing industry. In short, we will now gather analytics, digital marketing and marketing technology services under one roof.”

“The Size of the Cyber Security Market Will Reach 350 Billion Dollars”

Saying that with the development of digital technologies, the issue of cyber security has become more important than ever and that the global cyber security market size will reach 350 billion dollars by the end of 2026, SabancıDx General Manager Doğuş Kuran said that ‘Operational Technologies’ (OT) security market, which ensures the security of critical infrastructure networks, is the most important part of the security market. Stating that it is a fast-growing area, he stated that they invested in this category. Kuran said, “In order to expand the scope of our work in this field, we have acquired the rapidly growing company Radiflow, which has a global network. Radiflow, which has more than 100 customers and protects over 6,000 facilities, has operations in Europe, USA, Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific. We aim to be the solution partner of global companies in the field of cyber security,” he added.

Doğuş Kuran said that cloud technologies, which support the global economy, are indispensable for digital transformation and have an important place in the lives of both institutions and individuals, will grow exponentially. Kuran stated that as SabancıDx, they will be able to cooperate with hyperscale cloud companies when they enter the Turkish market. Stating that SabancıDx has investments in all areas of the cloud market and that they have made business partnerships with the players of the sector on a global scale, Kuran said, “We will have a lot of new news at the beginning of 2023 with Bulutistan, our business partner with whom we work together on the same campus and which received an investment from Sabancı Ventures.”

“We Established A Digital Product Factory”

Stating that they serve more than 4,000 customers with the digital transformation products they have developed under StudioDx, SabancıDx General Manager Doğuş Kuran said that they have transformed their end-to-end product development competencies from ideation to commercialization into a digital factory. Kuran said, “We serve 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies with 10 products, including HrWe, Pratis and Edoksis. As we transform into a digital product factory, our goal is to create a global customer portfolio with these new generation digital products and to manage a strong ecosystem with strategic collaborations.”

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