Russian defense caught in satellites

Russia rolled up its sleeves against Ukraine, which was preparing for a large-scale attack. Points gained by ditches and trenches viewed from space.

Ukraine, which is preparing large-scale attack plans against Russian forces, continues its work without interruption.

While the training of the soldiers continues, military support packages are announced one after another from the West.

It is stated that the expected big attack will be a very important test for Ukraine. Because the Kiev administration seeks to prove that it can make significant gains on the battlefield with the weapons it bought from the West.

The UK-based BBC has analyzed hundreds of satellite images, identifying key points in key trenches and other fortifications that have been excavated in southern Ukraine since October.

The four locations identified provide clues as to what Russia expects from the counterattack and what defenses Ukrainian forces may face.

1- West coast of Crimea

Annexed by Russia in 2014, Crimea was formerly known for its beachfront resorts.

The 25-kilometer-long coastline is now filled with defensive structures built by Russian troops instead of sun loungers and umbrellas.

2- Knocker

The city of Tokmak is located in the southeast of the country on an important route that Ukrainian forces may want to use to separate Crimea from other Russian-held areas.

There are reports that Ukrainian civilians were moved to turn the city into a military fortress. It is stated that this will provide soldiers with access to supplies and a base to withdraw from.

3- E105 highway

Anti-tank trenches and trenches can be seen along the 35-kilometer section of the E105 main highway west of Tokmak.

The E105 connects the Russian-controlled Melitopol in the south to the city of Kharkiv in the north and is strategically important.

4- Rivnopil, north of Mariupol

Mariupol Port is strategically located between the areas under Russian attack in the east and the Crimea in the south. The city became one of the symbols of resistance throughout the war.

Near the village of Rivnopil, about 55 kilometers north of Mariupol, in the middle of each circular trench are earthen mounds, possibly to protect or stabilize artillery.

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