Roman Period Water Canal To Be Brought to Tourism

Roman Period Water Canal To Be Brought to Tourism

Restoration works are being carried out on the 2400-year-old ancient water canal in Yalova.

Work has started on the 2400-year-old ancient water canal from the Roman period in the Teşvikiye town of the Çınarcık district of Yalova.

Water Canal

The system, which is approximately 13 kilometers long, starts from Güngörmezler in Teşvikiye district and goes all the way to Kemertepe by sea and is cleaned by municipality teams.

The ancient water system, registered by Bursa Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Regional Board in 2006, consists of canals, arches and resting pools.

Water Canal


After the first two stages, the cleaning and filling works of which were completed under the supervision of the Yalova Museum Directorate, the work of the third stage will soon begin. With the completion of the cleaning works this year, the survey projects will be presented to the regional conservation board and a part of the ancient water canal will regain its former glory.

Water Canal


While the 550-meter section of the 13-kilometer canal is planned to be opened to visitors after the completion of the first phase, it will be possible to benefit from the facilities to be built around it. Teşvikiye Mayor Mustafa Nurten, who examined the works on site in the 2-meter-high and 1-meter-wide structure built using lime mortar from rubble stone, instructed the teams to prepare for restoration and survey works.

Water Canal

Nurten reminded the AA correspondent that a short time after taking office, they decided to bring the water canal to tourism from the parliament. In the examination carried out by academics and archaeologists, it was stated that the water system remained from the Roman, Eastern Roman (Byzantine) period.


Noting that they plan to build facilities and accommodation places where the people can come and have social activities after the region is opened to tourism, Nurten stated that they will do their best to promote the historical water canal. nature.

Water Canal

Explaining that the old name of Teşvikiye was “Zindan” and that a water channel was made by drilling into the main rock from Güngörmez location in the Roman period, Nurten said, “They drilled the bedrock 15 meters and aqueducts were built in the Üçreisler region from 30. Çınarcık, who has the architecture of that period, said, “This channel is located in Istanbul. There is water. For this reason, we have determined that this place has a historical value and we are doing the necessary work to bring it to tourism. the determination of academics.”

The municipal employees, who constantly clean the water canal, are also experiencing the excitement of the day when the ancient canal will be brought into tourism. Explaining that they worked in 3 stages where restoration and survey works will be carried out, Hasan Özkan said that they started the cleaning work with 5 people a month and a half ago.

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