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Robot Dog Was Attacked by a Human

A very expensive $15,000 military-grade robot dog tested in Australia was attacked and kicked by a drunk Australian walking down the street.

A robot dog operator named Mark Trueno took Stampy to a busy street to test him, but he probably didn’t anticipate that man’s artificial best friend would be attacked. Trueno’s expensive Stampy robot dog was kicked by a woman crossing the street.

Stampy is actually a much smaller version of the one developed at Arrowpoint Systems, an Australian military and mining equipment company where Trueno worked as an engineer. However, this small structure does not take away much from its value, as the estimated value of the robot is 15,000 dollars. On the other hand, kicks from a drunk Australian resulted in sensor damage worth $2,500, according to Trueno.

“I’m not really sure why he did that, he probably thought it was funny at the time,” Trueno said in a statement. Additionally, the person with the woman contacted Trueno and apologized.

Meanwhile, the robot dog in its full version will be used in search and rescue missions and other scenarios that are difficult or dangerous for humans to perform. In tests conducted on the street, the robot’s 3D mapping abilities were tested. However, it is reported that some of the data was lost after the kicks.

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