Renewed BMC Amazon 4×4 Armored Ground Vehicle Prepares for Mission

The Amazon 4×4 armored land vehicle, developed by BMC Defense and in service since 2017, has been updated. What are the features of the new Amazon 4×4 armored ground vehicle?

BMC Defense, participating in the IDEX International Defense Fair and Conference held in the United Arab Emirates, introduced the new version of the Amazon 4×4 MPAV land vehicle. It has been announced that the tests of the renewed Amazon 4×4 have come to an end.

What’s New in Amazon 4×4?

The first version of BMC Amazon 4×4 has been serving the Turkish Armed Forces since 2017. Various improvements were made to Amazon 4×4 in line with the demands from the field. The carrying capacity of the vehicle has been increased. Technological improvements were made. The instrument cluster has been completely digitized. In appearance, he gained a sharper and stronger appearance by applying various make-ups. Thanks to the changes made in the interior design, a more ergonomic area was provided to the personnel.

Stating that the tests and qualifications of the renewed Amazon 4×4 will be completed in a short time, BMC Defense Industry Deputy General Manager Mehmet Altınhan said, “We have completed our internal tests. We have some projects that we carry out with our Defense Industry Presidency. Tests and qualifications continue within the scope of these projects. It has passed critical tests. We will have completed the tests and qualifications in a very short time.” After the tests are completed, it will enter the Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

Provides Advantage with High Maneuverability

Stating that the Amazon 4×4 is the smallest vehicle of BMC’s armored vehicle family, Altınhan said, “Therefore, it has higher maneuverability and its use in residential areas is much more advantageous than other vehicles. It’s an important tool” he said.

The Amazon’s horsepower and range remained unchanged, while its maximum laden weight was increased to 16 tons. It offers 360 horsepower, a range of 800 kilometers and a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

The Amazon 4×4, with mine and hand-made explosive protection, provides important protection against ballistic threats. The vehicle is equipped with standard equipment such as fire extinguishing and air conditioning systems, cold climate package, flat waste, central tire inflation system. The vehicle is also equipped with mission equipment such as a self-rescue crane, siren announcement system, fog cannon and intercom system.

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