Release decision for Dilan-Engin Polat couple

Social media phenomenon Dilan Polat and her husband Engin Polat, who were arrested on a series of charges such as money laundering and tax evasion, were released on the charge of “opposing the tax procedure law”. The defendants, who are arrested on 2 other charges, will not be released from prison.

There has been a new development in the investigation of Dilan Polat and Engin Polat, who are under arrest due to black money and tax evasion crimes.

In the detention review conducted on the file, the prosecutor requested the release of Dilan Polat, Engin Polat and other detainees on the charge of tax evasion.


The prosecutor requested their continued detention on charges of “establishing and leading an organization” and “money laundering”.

After reviewing the file, the Anatolia 6th Criminal Judgeship of Peace ruled for the release of all defendants on tax evasion charges.

It was decided to continue the detention of all defendants on the charges of establishing an organization and money laundering.

With this decision, Dilan and Engin Polat will remain in prison.

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