Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Don’t worry, Charlie Hebdo…

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which is frequently on the agenda with its anti-President Erdogan and anti-Turkey comments, has once again come up with a cover that attracts criticism. Statements came one after another from the government wing regarding the cover, which contains messages about the elections.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın and Communications Director Fahrettin Altun reacted harshly to the last cover published by Charlie Hebdo magazine, also known for its insulting publications against the Prophet Muhammad, targeting President Erdogan.


On the cover of today’s issue of the magazine, President Erdoğan was drawn in a bathtub and referenced the death of French singer Claude François, nicknamed Cloclo, by electrocution while taking a bath. Next to the drawing “Like Cloclo, only fate will save us from him.” statement was written.

Articles targeting President Erdogan were also published in the Western media before the first round of the elections in Turkey.


While referring to the cover in question in his social media post, İbrahim Kalın said, “We are on the right track since the Charlie Hebdo rag is so crazy.” Continuing with the words “Evil is sometimes like this. It guides the good”, Kalın gave the following statements:
“Don’t worry, CH. Our nation will give you the best answer, with a louder voice, on May 28.”


Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun also expressed his reaction to the cover of the magazine with a social media post. Describing the magazine with the words “Charlie Hebdo, one of the important centers of provocation, insults and cursing in the world media”, Altun said, “With his latest moral and inhumane caricature against our President, he has once again proved to the world how disgusting he is.”

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