Rabies patient treated in Şanlıurfa dies

Rabies patient treated in Şanlıurfa dies

Hasan Halil Faras, who was injured in the attack of a stray dog in Syria’s Telabyad city and was being treated in Şanlıurfa for rabies, died. Faras had escaped from the hospital in Akçakale and was found in a vacant lot and was persuaded by Arabic-speaking people and taken to treatment again.

Hasan Halil Faras was injured after being bitten by a stray dog in Tal Abyad city of Syria.

Faras, who was first treated in his country, was diagnosed with rabies. On August 19, Faras was transferred to Akçakale State Hospital, which borders Tel Abyad, where he was quarantined in a room.

Hasan Halil Faras opened the door of the room and took the cell phone of a patient’s relative and ran away. Upon the notification of the patient’s relative, the hospital police identified Hasan Halil Faras as the person who took the phone and fled after examining the security camera records.


Police and health teams started a search operation.


Faras was found in an empty field in Dibat neighborhood, 10 kilometers from the hospital. Arabic speaking officers were called to convince Faras. Hasan Halil Faras, who was convinced after long efforts, was taken to Akçakale State Hospital by ambulance by teams in special clothes. After the incident, which caused panic and uneasiness in the district, Faras was referred to Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital for treatment.

Hasan Halil Faras died this morning at the hospital where he was being treated. Faras’ body was sent to Syria for burial.

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