Putin Will Send The World’s Deadliest Bomber!

Russia has suffered heavy losses in Ukraine since the start of the invasion, but now Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to step up the fight by delivering one of the deadly bombers to his forces. It was reported that the Tu-22M3 bomber, made by Tupolev Aircraft Company, was given to the Russian Aerospace Forces for use in Ukraine.

It was initially thought that the aircraft would not be made, but during the war the country’s procurement plan was changed and it has now been delivered, TASS news agency reported. The Tu-22M3 aircraft delivered was an obsolete model that had been repaired and upgraded for warfare, and it was announced that a total of 500 such would be refurbished. According to reports, the Tu-22M3 has a top speed of Mach 2.05, or 2500 km/h, and can carry several hypersonic missiles. It also includes a new navigation system and grenade launchers in its updated form.


The news about the modernized bombers came in the wake of reports that Putin is trying to squeeze even further into Western countries struggling in the cost of living crisis as the war in Ukraine continues at enormous cost, one military expert said.


Former Commander of British Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons, explained that one of the key strategies implemented by Putin focused on frustrations in the West over paying for military aid to Ukraine. Speaking privately to the Daily Star, Sir Richard said that one of the most important strategic elements of the Russian operation is to try to exhaust the will of the West and continue to send money and people.


Explaining that Russia is trying to take advantage of the problems experienced in countries that support Ukraine such as the UK, USA, Italy and Germany, the expert said, “Russia knows very well that the cost of living crisis is hurting, people are cold and trying to turn on the heating that it cannot afford.”

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