Secret Weapon Behind Putin’s Nuclear Threat Revealed

Roger Pardo-Maurer, a senior officer at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), disclosed the secret weapon that Russian President Vladimir Putin was considering using. Expressing that the “electromagnetic vibration attack”, or EMP, is behind Putin’s threats, Pardo-Maurer said, “If Russia uses this weapon, both military and civilian infrastructure systems can be severely damaged.”

While the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since February 24, a remarkable claim came from the British media. Roger Pardo-Maurer, who works as the former assistant assistant to the US Secretary of Defense and is in the US Special Forces, writing to the Financial Times, one of the respected newspapers of the UK, evaluated the nuclear weapons statements that Russia has recently brought to the agenda.


Pardo-Maurer suggested that an “electromagnetic vibration attack” was behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats. It was stated that in the event of such an attack on Ukraine with these systems, all Kiev’s information warfare systems could be damaged. In the article, the US name said, “So far, Russia’s threats against Ukraine have referred to conventional nuclear weapons. But there is another weapon that Vladimir Putin is considering using, tactical electromagnetic vibration attack, namely EMP.”


Stating that these weapons create a powerful energy wave and damage short-wave electrical systems, Pardo-Maurer said, “Such an attack affects computers, generators, satellites, radios, radar receivers and even traffic lights.” Pardo Maurer stated that if Russia uses the weapon, both military and civilian infrastructure systems may be damaged.


Noting that Russian officials broadcast on Russian state televisions made statements on how such weapons could be used in live broadcast, and that he signaled that these weapons could be used over the Baltic Sea, the US official said that tactical nuclear weapons would have a lower effect and electromagnetic nuclear weapons would cause much greater damage said it could be.


It was stated that such weapons could be used with Russia’s hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles, adding, “They will not destroy any building or kill anyone. But they can permanently disable electrical circuits.” According to the news in Sözcü, Pardo-Maurer reminded that all defense systems, drones and similar vehicles sent to Ukraine by NATO allies are electrical systems, and said, “Electromagnetic effects can render 90 percent of the satellites unusable for 3 months,” and that Russian soldiers in Ukraine also pointed out that he might be affected by it.

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