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Protests Against Pension Reform in France Flared Up Again!

Protests against pension reform in France flared up again! Police intervention with tear gas and batons

Events have started again in France, where the streets have been on fire for weeks. Clashes broke out between police and protesters during demonstrations against pension reform. While the demonstrators set fire to bicycles, scooters and garbage cans, the police intervened with tear gas and batons.

Protests Against Pension Reform

In France, 200 demonstrations were held in the country against the controversial pension reform, which the government directly accepted without voting in the parliament. Employees from different sectors such as energy, transportation and education throughout the country went on a collective strike at the call of the unions.

Police and demonstrators clashed

Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators in the cities of Paris, Rennes and Toulouse. Demonstrators marching from Republic Square to Nation Square in the capital Paris set fire to bicycles, scooters and garbage cans. The police intervened the demonstrators with tear gas and batons.

Protests Against Pension Reform


Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin made a statement regarding the 10th mass demonstrations across the country against the pension reform. Darmanin thanked the 13,000 police and gendarmes assigned to the demonstrations. The French Minister expressed his solidarity with the 175 security forces injured in the protests. Darmanin reported that 201 people were detained during the demonstrations.

Protests Against Pension Reform

Protests Against Pension Reform in France Flared Up Again!


On the other hand, labor unions called for the 11th nationwide strike and demonstration on 6 April against pension reform. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne urged the unions to meet next week, Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the French Federation of Democratic Labor, said. The hashtag “#suresizgenelstriv” became Trend Topic on Twitter in the country.

Protests Against Pension Reform


Demonstrations in France, which began on March 16, continue after the government’s decision to pass the bill, which includes raising the retirement age by 2 years from 62 to 64, without a vote. Violence is taking place in many parts of the country between the protesters and the police, who violently intervened in the demonstrations. More than 1,000 people have been detained in protests across the country since March 16. Millions of people took to the streets in 9 previous mass demonstrations.

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