Private Vehicle Entry to Adiyaman, Hatay and Kahramanmaras Was Stopped For 48 Hours

Private Vehicle Entry to Adiyaman, Hatay and Kahramanmaras Was Stopped For 48 Hours

Providing the latest information about the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Vice President Fuat Oktay said, “We have stopped the passage of vehicles other than the vehicles on duty for 48 hours in Hatay, Maraş and Adıyaman. The same measure will be applied in other provinces. It is necessary.” aforementioned.

Vice President Fuat Oktay spoke at the press conference he held at the AFAD Emergency Management Center to share the latest information about the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş. Stating that the number of those who lost their lives increased to 3 thousand 419, Oktay announced that the number of injured increased to 20 thousand 534.


Drawing attention to the situation on the highways, Oktay said, “On the routes we talked about yesterday, there was the Hatay-Reyhanlı state road and it was closed to transportation. Due to the location of Nurdağı on the Osmaniye-Gaziantep road, a one-way crossing was ensured again. This place was opened especially to the vehicles on duty. There was a problem between Malatya and Kahramanmaraş. “The problems caused by the type rather than the disaster within the framework of the Kayseri-Pınarbaşı and Göksun road continued throughout the night. However, these places were opened to compulsory crossings. Timely transportation is provided by our team and vehicles on the field. It is extremely important that we keep these roads open so that they can carry out their work very quickly. “Especially in Hatay, Maraş and Adıyaman, we have stopped the entry of vehicles other than the vehicles that distribute to the disaster area as of 48 hours. This period has started as of 11:00 today. Clear mda This can be extended if needed in other provinces,” he said.

private vehicle entry


Highlights from Oktay’s statements: “Our search and rescue efforts continue uninterrupted. Winter conditions do not only concern our 10 provinces in the region, but the closure of roads in other regions where road types are dense has brought us to this situation. combating weather conditions As of the number of search and rescue, as of the moment, 4,600 Maraş in all our provinces, We have 12,181 search and rescue personnel in all our provinces, including 2,465 Hatay, 1,314 Gaziantep, 1,721 Adıyaman, 687. 119 in Osmaniye, 562 in Adana, 562 in Şanlıurfa 100, Kilis 41 and Malatya thousand 112. Here, especially in Kilis, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır In our other provinces, within the framework of search and rescue efforts, a total of 239 health-related 946 ambulances, 939 UMKE teams and ambulance planes, and 1,947 UMKE personnel, 4 thousand 785 healthcare personnel are working in the field. 24 thousand 443 personnel are actually working in the field. Within the framework of the need for cranes, a very serious progress has been made in the field.


As of this morning, our chances of flying have increased. It is 4 ambulance aircraft, 6 of which are A-400M, 6 of which are C-130, and 19 of which are CN-235. 4 KC-135 tanker aircraft and 26 helicopters. Especially at the moment, Adana has become an intensely Adana Airport logistics base. As for the search and rescue teams coming from abroad, we are sending these teams to Hatay, Maraş and Adıyaman, especially these three provinces, very quickly. When we look at the size of the aid from other countries, we see that 3 thousand 294 search and rescue personnel came. Over 70 countries made demands there, too. 14 of them are actually on the field. It is in the process of being shipped from Adana to the relevant places. Czech, France, Netherlands, Malta, India, Poland, Algeria, Italy, Moldova, Albania, Israel, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Tatar, England, Russian Federation. We also thank these countries. This includes 3,294 personnel and 9 search and rescue dogs.

private vehicle entry


I talked about our hospitals and our healthcare teams. There is no change in the extent of the damage, especially in our hospitals that we talked about yesterday. Therefore, we also have field hospitals. In places where these damaged hospitals are located, we are sending patients to other provinces intensively. In terms of shelter, our tents and blankets, beds, kitchen sets, pillows and sheets in both AFAD warehouses and Kızılay warehouses, as well as aid provided by NGOs and local governments, are tried to be delivered to the field. As of today, due to the type of species we experienced last night and at night, we gave priority to transporting these needs to the disaster area by air, and roads outside the disaster area were closed. Sports halls opened the places we call teachers’ houses. The latest situation there is 301,512 people in the Ministry of National Education and approximately 79 thousand people under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and a total of 380 thousand people live here at the moment. Meal options are also available.

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