Priene Ancient City

Priene Ancient City

Priene ancient city, where battlefields for protection are located together with many different temples or theaters, has a very old history of thousands of years. Today, it attracts a large number of local and foreign tourists both in summer and winter. Therefore, it is one of the world’s most important structures of Turkey in terms of cultural attractions and historical aspects of the structure. Priene  ancient city, located on a steep rock with a length of 370 meters, stood out as a very important defense, especially during war. At the same time, every part of the city could be seen clearly because  it was so high. This offered an important advantage in terms of defense. Priene Ancient City, which has many important theaters and temples and works, is one of the structures that have been preserved especially for war to protect the region. Priene Ancient City, which is thought to have been founded in the 7th century BC, continued to be established and completed as a center for centuries. The closest date about priene, which is thought to be a member of the Ionian Union, especially like Miletos, dates back to the 7th century BC. Apart from that, when we look at the historical ruins, it is understood that it was used as both an art and a place of war and settlement.

There are many different historical places to visit in this great ancient city, which has a very important place in historical terms.

  – Temple of Demeter

  – temple of Athena

  – Large theater with a capacity of 5000 people

  – Agora

  – Zeus Temple

  – Up and down Gymnasion

  – egyptian temple

  – Alexander the Great’s house

–  Byzantine churches

  – Necropolis

Priene Ancient City can be visited with 10 TL at the current prices. This price, which allows visitors to visit both summer and winter all year round, is currently offered over the current option for 2020. Thus, you can visit such an important historical ancient city at a very affordable price.


Priene Ancient City is located in Didim district of Aydın. More precisely, it is a place located 15 kilometers southwest of its district. You can easily reach Didim from the center of Aydın and go to the Ancient City with your private car. It is possible to provide transportation not only by your private vehicle, but also by minibuses or public transportation.

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