Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey “History and Respect for Nature”

In the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, championship awards will be given in NFT format. With the theme of ‘Respect for History and Nature’, T.C. The countdown has begun for the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which will be organized by the Turkish Cycling Federation under the auspices of the Presidency. The giant organization, which will be held between 10-17 April 2022 and will last 1303 km from Bodrum to Istanbul, is breaking new ground in the world cycling community. In the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, championship awards will be given in NFT format. NFTs, which will be prepared in 3 different types as Stage, Swimsuit and Cup, will be put up for sale in a limited number in a special marketplace and special rights will be given to the buyers. The NFT project is undertaken by Turkey’s leading printed and digital card platform Mythos Cards. Before the start of the Turkey Tour, NFTs will be printed and made available for sale. The details of NFT studies will be as follows:


NFTs will be of 3 different types: Stage NFTs – 8 Stages – Numbered up to 5 for each stage Jersey NFTs – 4 Jerseys – Numbered up to 5 per Jersey Cup NFT – 1 Cup – numbered up to 5 Stage NFTs The topographic map of each stage will be converted to NFT and will be available for sale. NFTs are limited to 5 per stage. A total of 40 NFTs will be prepared in 8 stages. Stage winners will receive a special NFT. NFT will give those who bought the stage the right to enter the special area of ​​the relevant stage and follow the race from there. swimsuit NFTs Each of the swimsuits that will go on sale before the Turkey Tour will have 5 NFTs. A total of 20 NFTs will be on sale. Those who buy NFT jerseys will be sent the purchased form by cargo. Cup NFT A limited number of 5 NFTs will be produced from the TUR’s trophy. The NFT number of the trophy will be awarded to the 1/1 TUR winner. Those who buy Cup NFT will be hosted as VIPs at one stage of the organization next year.


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