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Polygamous Man Living In Africa Rebels Against Criticism

Polygamous Man Living In Africa Rebels Against Criticism

A man named Kemmonye Seraki, who lives in Botswana in Africa and has become the target of criticism due to his polygamy, stated that contrary to popular belief, there is no advantage to being polygamous and that there is constant confusion between his wives.

Kemmonye Seraki, who lives in Botswana, which is among the small countries of Africa, was criticized for living with 2 women. The man, who continues to live with his 2 wives, made a confession from his social media account after the criticisms about him became exaggerated.



Kemmonye Seraki stated that the situation he lived in was not as pleasant as he thought, “People see it easy from the outside, but in reality it is not. There is complete chaos and confusion.”


Seraki said, “I have 2 wives and 6 children. They all want attention from me during the day and each has their own problems. Can you imagine how difficult it is?” said.


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