Politician in Brazil Throws Grenades at Cops Arriving to Arrest Him

Roberto Jefferson, one of the allies of the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, threw a hand grenade at the police who came to his house to arrest him.

Two police officers were injured in an incident in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

An arrest warrant had previously been issued for Jefferson for insulting Chief Justice Carmen Lucia. Jefferson was currently under house arrest for threatening the Chief Justice.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, reacted to the incident by saying that anyone who opened fire on the police should be arrested.

The police were taken to the hospital and discharged after their treatment.

Jefferson(69), the former leader of the PTB party, fired several shots at the policemen with a rifle, as well as throwing a Hand Grenade, as a result of which the windshield of the police car was smashed.

The Supreme Court ordered the arrest of the politician for violating the terms of house arrest.

The second round of the presidential election will be held in the country on Sunday. Political tensions escalate ahead of the election, in which Bolsonaro and left-wing Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva are contesting.

According to the poll results, Lula seems to be ahead of the second round.

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