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Walking around the Beyoglu district, we very recommend visiting one handmade shop. At first glance, it will seem that there is something special about it? The whole street consists only of shops: clothes, accessories, hand made shops, why you think this special shop? We will give answers to these questions and another in this article.

The first reason we came to this store, you won’t believe it, is plates. They were immediately visible, because against the background of white walls, bright colors on plates, and beckoned to look at them.

Then, going inside, we were shocked by the quantity of different goods: handmade jewelry made of silver and stones, dishes of bright colors, bags and hats.

It was impossible not to fall in love with this beauty. And also bribed the very friendly staff, who spoke not only their native Turkish, but also English.

What did we like about this particular store? The answer is simple, with its comfort, friendliness, as well as bright colors. No wonder psychologists say, surround yourself with bright colors and the whole world will play brighter.

Photos from PITANE Handmade Shop

Prices in the Store

The price list for the store is quite different, there are decorations for both 1,320 lire and 165 lire. A set of mugs and a plate will cost you an average of 200 lire. Purse bags cost 200 lira, but believe me, hand embroidery of flowers is worth it. Hats are all in one price list and amount to 120 liras.

Contact Information

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah. Mumhane Cd. No:43, 34425 Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: +90 554 579 57 62 +90 554 579 57 62

Instagram: @pitanetasarim


The website is made very convenient, by clicking on the product you can immediately see the price list. There is also a home delivery service in the store.

If you are looking for what to bring from Istanbul as a gift or how to complement the design of your home, or maybe you want to add bright colors to your style? Our recommendation is the Pitane store.

You can read this article in Russian language: Магазин ручной работы PITANE

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