Persian Period Walls Found in Nigde Excavation

Plaster walls belonging to the Persian period were found during the excavations in the mound near the village of Porsuk in Nigde.


The works in Porsuk-Zeyve Hoyuk, which started in 1968 with the permission of the French Archeology Institute from the Turkish authorities, continue this year as well.


In the excavations carried out in previous years, Hittite hieroglyphs written on a large sandstone dating to the 8th century BC, the walls and watchtowers used as a garrison in the Hittite period, and the castle walls and plaster remains from the Iron Age were unearthed. walls made of gypsum were found.

Head of the Excavation Team, University Polytechnique Hauts-de-France Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Claire Barat said that a team of 15 people from the USA, France, Italy and Turkey worked in this year’s excavations.

Stating that they were excavating the highest part of the mound, Barat said that they also cleaned the adobe fortification walls of the Iron Age in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.


Barat said, “Some time after the Iron Age walls were built, the wall facade was covered with gypsum stones and stone filling. These stone structures were used in the Persian and Achaemenid periods in the 6th-4th centuries BC. It is very important because there are few artifacts from the Persian period in the Cappadocia region. “The region was extremely strategic as it was during the Hittite period. It means that it was occupied by a local ruler. From here, the main road from Sinop to Tarsus and passing through the Cilician gates is controlled.”

Noting that the mound is very important in terms of its location, Barat emphasized that the destruction of the stone walls during this year’s excavations showed the severity of the Roman attack, and that all previous levels were destroyed.

Noting that the Persian walls found here are like those in Persepolis, Cyprus and Palestine, Barat added that the researches are continuing.

Here are the images from the excavation in Nigde…

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