Peace Application for Combating Irregular Migration

In order to effectively combat irregular migration and migrant smuggling, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command units and provincial units of the Directorate of Migration Management, derelict places where foreign nationals can stay, areas where they mostly reside, public entertainment venues, truck garages. On 28/01/2022, between 00:00-18:00, the implementation of Peace Against Irregular Migration at terminals, ports and fishermen’s shelters, public transport stops and stations (36,126) personnel and (608) detector dogs (8,820) points done.

In the application of the Struggle for Peace with Irregular Migration;
• A total of (21.547) places were checked, including (6,625) abandoned buildings, (10,365) common areas, (352) terminals and (4,205) other places,
• A total of (315,219) foreign nationals (33,873) were questioned,
• A total of (127) organizers, 72 of whom were foreign nationals, were detained,
• (2,028) foreign national irregular immigrants were caught,
• A total of (732) wanted persons, 25 of whom are foreign nationals, were identified,
• Administrative sanctions were imposed on a total of 1,336 people, including (2) organizers, (1,235) immigrants and (99) Turkish citizens,
• Detection of a terrorist organization member/related person (6) among the organizers or irregular migrants,

In practice; (7) Truck-truck-bus-cars found to be used for irregular migration, (13) fake passports, (9) fake (T6) forms and road permits, (6) unlicensed hunting rifles, (1) empty pistol, (4 ) bullet, (5) piercing, (42) grams of cannabis, (80) grams of heroin, (10) grams of bonsai, (419) grams of methamphetamine, (65) ecstasy and (75) grams of synthetic drugs were obtained. .

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