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Passports Pertain to Foreigners in Turkey

The concept of passport is defined as a document issued by the national authorities specified in the law and providing its holders to cross from one country’s national borders to another one. According to Article 12 of the Passport Law No. 5682, there are 5 different passporty types provided on behalf of the Republic of Turkey. These are Diplomatic Passports, Special Stamped Passports, Service Stamped Passports, Ordinary Passports and Stamped Passports Pertain to Foreigners. In this article, you will find the required documents and detailed information about for passports pertain to the foreigners in Turkey.

Passports Pertain to The Foreigners in Turkey

The passports pertain to the foreigners are 60 pages and the outer cover color is dark blue, and they are issued in the same size as ordinary passports. These passports are issued by the Governorships in the provinces on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to those who meet the conditions specified in the law, and by foreign representative offices in accordance with the instructions to be given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon the request or approval of the Ministry of Interior. The passports for foreigners are issued according to Article 18 of the Passport Law.

According to the Article 18 of the Passport Law;

“For stateless persons, a passport is issued that does not compensate for the acquisition of rights, upon the decision to be taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for the persons who are deemed to be unnatural or who are deemed necessary to be subjected to the treatment applied to the non-nationals in terms of their residence and travel due to the fact that their nationality status is not regular, and if necessary, with the decision to be taken by the aforementioned Ministry, they have no meaning or in favor of their holder of Turkish citizenship.”

There are two different types of passports for foreigners:

1-Passports that are valid for a single entry or a single exit from Turkey

This kind of passports must be used in 1 month for leaving from Turkey if it was provided for entry. Otherwise, it must be renewed. A passport valid for only one exit only from the date of entry into Turkey or Turkey is losing its force two months past their regeneration process depends on the decision of the Ministry of Interior.

2-Passports issued for one departure and one arrival

It is issued as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years valid at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior.


Both types of passports pertain to foreigners are given by the national authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affaris  on the request or approval pursuant to instructions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is permissible for girls or boys who are in the same situation in terms of nationality of the passport holder, who are not of age and who are not employed, to be registered in the accompaniment section of that passport. The same procedure can be applied to his wife, who is in the same situation with her husband in terms of nationality. Those who are registered in the escort house cannot use that passport unless they are traveling with the passport holder. The same can be done for his wife, who is in the same situation as her husband.

On the other hand, for the foreign children born in Turkey, the mother or father should complete their application to MERNIS birth certificate to get the child on behalf of an individual passport sticker or these supplemented to their own passport and at the latest within 90 days, by reference to their parents or legal representatives of law enforcement authorities are required to have a residence permit.


Holders of these passports are obliged to;

  • Checking the passport upon receipt and returning passport in case of any material error regarding holder’s identity information,
  • Proper use and keeping passports properly,
  • In case of loss, theft or seizure, the situation can be reported to the application centers; personally notifying one of the foreign representative offices abroad,

Visa Issue

On the other hand, entering Turkey from foreign visa requirement is not required with the following situation.

Visa requirement won’t be applied while entering to Turkey for foreigners who have stamped passport for foreigners if it’s valid and if it’s issued according to Article 18 of Passport Law No. 5682 dated 15/07/1950.

Passport and Book Fee for 2021

Time PeriodPassport FeeBook FeeTotal
6 Month227,20 TL180,00 TL407,20 TL
1 Year332,10 TL180,00 TL512,10 TL
2 Years542,20 TL180,00 TL722,20 TL
3 Years770,20 TL180,00 TL950,20 TL
3+ Years1085,40 TL180,00 TL1265,40 TL

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