Palamutbuku Bay

Palamutbuku Bay

Palamutbuku is 25 km from Datca center, on the part of the Datca Peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, also known as the last one of the Three Beauties (Hayitbuku, Ovabuku, Palamutbuku). It is a touristic center where blue meets green. If you do not have a car, you can reach Palamutbuku Bay by minibuses. It is a natural wonder with its sparkling beaches, bays, olive, almond and pine trees where you will see many shades of green. This place was an important settlement of Knidos with its port and fertile lands in ancient times. Today, it is one of Datca’s shining stars in the field of tourism.

It is an ideal place for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday away from the city noise. Its proximity to many ancient and natural beauties is another matter.

Palamutbuku is one of Datca’s largest bays, so it has a long beach, with sand in some parts and flat pebbles in some parts. Visitors to Palamutbuku cannot forget its clean sea.

There are restaurants, tea gardens and bars on the beach of Palamutbuku Bay. You can swim in front of them all. Tables and sun loungers of these enterprises are lined up along the coast.

The people of Palamutbuku have a great role in making Palamutbuku Bay loved so much. Many of the touristic facilities and businesses are family businesses.


Palamutbuku Bay is 30 km from Datca town center of Mugla, on the side of the Datca Peninsula facing the Mediterranean Sea, where blue and green embrace. Datca is not only a place to go and see, but also to live and grow old, with its breathtaking cove bends and endless sea. Palamutbuku Bay is rapidly turning into one of Datca’s most attractive places.

For air transportation to Datca, you can come to Bodrum Airport and come to Datca after a 2-hour journey with Datca ferries departing from Bodrum Marina. It takes 30 minutes by private car between Datca and Palamutbuku.

Another alternative for transportation to Datca by air is to take a shuttle service from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris, which you can reach by direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara, and then to reach Datca by minibuses departing every hour. Either way, you can reach the bay by vehicles moving from Datca to Palamutbuku.


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